Orange flowers to welcome autumn

Autumn is here and soon we will see nature begin to transform. Before the trees lose their leaves, they will change colour and provide us with the most spectacular of landscapes. The combination or red, yellow, orange, brown and some leftover green make every tree a work of art. This is why it is so easy to gain inspiration from nature when creating flower arrangements. Orange flowers are a popular choice for autumn bouquets because it is such a dominant colour during this time of year. Here are some points to keep in mind.

A touch of red or yellow

Not all orange flowers are pure orange. You might find that some have more of a red colouring to them which tends to make them appear more romantic. Darker shaded blooms represent a lack of trust so, if you are trying to win somebody back, you can send a bouquet in this colour. Golden orange flowers are symbols of wealth and wisdom while yellowish orange flowers will wish the recipient good health. No matter the occasion or reason for sending blooms, you can always find a suitable orange bouquet.

Types of blooms

Now that you have an idea about the best shades of orange to use, you can start thinking about your flower types. Orange flowers are fairly easy to come by which means that you will be able to take your pick based on preferences and budget. Some of the top choices include roses, gerbera daisies, carnations, tulips and lilies. These blooms can be displayed all on their own or they can be paired with blue or purple flowers for a fabulous contrast.

Autumn crafts

Many types of orange flowers make excellent materials for autumn crafts. Whether you plan on pressing or drying flowers, orange blooms will yield beautiful results. Take note the fragility and shape of the bloom before deciding whether to press or dry. Roses are best for hang drying but you can press their petals too. Flat flowers like daisies are best for pressing.

Remember, when displaying orange flowers, you can add some other warm colours too. For example, fresh gerbera daisies look lovely when paired with yellow and red ones too. They make quite the statement! Orange bouquets with a splash of black are great for Halloween.