Pumpkin and succulent design idea

Autumn is the season for pumpkins and it is also the time for bringing those succulents inside. You may even like to give your succulents a new home in the form of a pumpkin. There are a number of ways in which you can do this using fresh or ceramic pumpkins. Here are some ideas.

Fresh pumpkin and succulent displays

Since you are using fresh pumpkins, you should be sure to only create your display a day or two before an event. So, if you are planning on hosting guests for dinner, make sure that you don’t make this display too far in advance or the pumpkin will start to perish and your display will not look its best on the day. Remember not to overwater since you cannot really place your pumpkin on a drip tray. It will ruin the look of the display. Light watering will keep your succulent or succulents happy.

Ceramic pumpkin ideas

If you are planning on using a ceramic pumpkin to hold your succulent, then you can create this display in the beginning of autumn if you like. You don’t have to worry about the pumpkin deteriorating and ruining the design. Add your succulent potting soil followed by your plant and then top with a little more soil. Remember, your potting soil is dry and loose to start with. You might want to add a small amount of water to the potting soil before adding the succulent. This will help the soil settle. You can expect the soil to settle more over time as you water regularly. Therefore, it is a good idea for your plant to be slightly raised with soil filled above the brim at first. This ensures that, when the soil settles, you will not have a ‘hole’ in your planter.

Decorating your pumpkin planter

There are so many great ways of decorating fresh and ceramic pumpkins. You can use gold spray paint or you glue accessories to the exterior of the pumpkin. Gold leaves and similar decorations can be attached with glue. If you want to create a Halloween pumpkin vase, you can also add spooky accessories with some double-sided tape. Remove and replace them with other accessories once Halloween is over.

When it comes to displaying flowers, plants and even a succulent, you can really let your creative side shine. The key is to allow your design to reflect your personality and preferences. You can spruce things up, change them and you should never feel stuck with a single design because they can always we adapted and updated.