Flower arrangement colours and the mood they creates

It’s no secret that colours are associated with various moods and emotions. The same can be said for fresh flowers. When you take a look at various bouquets, they each make you feel different emotions. Every time you send flowers, you need to think about the message you are trying to send and the occasion.

Pastel coloured arrangements are seen as feminine and they send a message of care and nurturing. Think of colours like cream, soft pink, purple, peach, and yellow with just the right amount of green added to the mix. These bouquets are perfect to send to a new mother, somebody who is under the weather and in need of support, or somebody who has suffered the loss of a loved one.

When you want to send a sincere message of love, look for a bouquet that combines both warm and cool colours. Think about pink and lavender for example. These bouquets can be sent to a female family member like your mother, sister, aunt, or even a friend.

Red is the colour of passion and love when it comes to flowers and nothing tops a bunch of red roses when you want to make your intentions clear. You can also add bold shades of purple, hot pinks, and bright orange here and there if you want to spice it up a little. These bouquets are perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or any other romantic dinner or occasion.

If you want to send somebody a message or sentiment of tranquility, then consider an arrangement with light greens and blues as well as other cool shades. Cool colours are known for their calming effect and they are a great escape for anyone feeling the effects of stress.

As for birthdays and similar happy moments, you should look for bright coloured flowers that will express your joy. There’s no real limit to the colours you choose, as long as they are bright and bold. You can even include a balloon with your flower order if you want to emphasize that happy message.

When looking for a specific type of bouquet for a specific occasion, you can’t go wrong with an online florist. Simply take a look around the website and you will notice how the various bouquets are categorised by occasion. In other words, when you are looking for Mother’s Day flowers, you can browse the Mother’s Day section. Also, if you are looking for cheap flowers, you can usually also find a promotion or deal section and perhaps also a seasonal flowers section which also helps ensure great prices and value for money.