Floral suncatcher DIY design

A suncatcher is a fun craft for the whole family. You can allow each family member to contribute and add their own personal touches before you hang it up. Creating your own floral suncatcher is easy and it is the perfect autumn activity to keep everyone off their devices and spend quality time together instead. If you are not sure how to make one, here are some easy steps to follow.

What you need:

  • Clear contact paper

  • An embroidery hoop

  • Pressed flowers and foliage

  • Suction cup to hang the floral suncatcher


  • Start by cutting two squares of clear contact paper and make sure that they are slightly larger than the embroidery hoop.

  • Plan your design based on the size of the embroidery hoop. Place your flowers in the middle of the hoop and arrange them until you’re happy with the design.

  • Peel the back of one of the contact paper sheets and secure it to the embroidery hoop with the sticky side up.

  • Arrange your flowers inside the hoop and secure them to the contact paper.

  • Once you are done arranging all of your flowers and leaves, you can remove the embroidery hoop.

  • Peel the back off the second square of contact paper and carefully place it on top of your flowers.

  • Put the hoop on your design again and trim the contact paper around the edges.

  • Next, attach the suction cup to the back of your floral suncatcher and now you can hang it from your favourite window.

As you can see, making your own floral suncatcher is really easy. You might want to do the cutting yourself just so that any younger participants don’t hurt themselves. Lining up the contact paper can also be tricky but the design itself can be done by anyone of any age.