Floral décor for your tea party

Tea parties are plenty of fun for all. There’s no specific age that you have to be in order to enjoy this kind of get together. It’s also important to note that you don’t have to love tea in order to have fun at a tea party! There are usually several beverages as well as the most scrumptious treats that will have everyone begging for more.

Firstly, when planning the décor for your tea party, it’s important to make sure that you create some kind of relationship between the food and the decorations. This is not to say that you have to include flowers on your cakes, but the colours and textures should be echoed.

One great tip to remember is to choose soft pastels when it comes to your floral décor. Fluffy flowers with plenty of ruffles are also a good idea. In other words, you should look for such flowers as peonies, roses, carnations, and anything else with abundantly overlapping petals. These flowers have some of the most gorgeous textures of all and you don’t need a lot of them to make a statement. Remember to ask your florist to mix things up and possibly add some chrysanthemums to the mix if you like. The textures of these flowers are the visual association with the textures of all your cakes, biscuits, and other treats.

About the colours, pastels are known for being feminine and they represent the fine flavours of your foods. Think vanilla,strawberry, and even lemon. Now imagine flowers in colours like off white, pale pink, and a soft yellow. There is no need to choose a single colour. Just like adding various types of flowers, you can have your florist create mixed arrangements that include a number of colours or even several shades of the same colour.

Consider your flower holders too since they will help emphasize the theme of the tea party. Some great ideas include ceramic bowls and vases as well as old decorative tins. Remember, if you are using a tin, you should place a glass or small vase inside the tin to prevent water from leaking.

Lace, small filler flowers, and a touch of foliage will add that perfect finishing touch. Keep your floral décor soft and simple so that your food and beverages can take centre stage.