Gold sympathy flowers

When you think of flower arrangements and colours of flowers, gold is not one that will come to mind. Especially when you are planning funeral or sympathy flowers. However, gold can be a rather fitting colour scheme when honouring a loved one.

For many people, planning a funeral means digging out their best black clothing, ordering white flowers and attending a rather depressing service. While it’s true that any loss is particularly sad, it’s also important to respect the wishes of your departed loved one when remembering them. If they wished to be remembered with joy rather than sadness, then the black wardrobe and white flowers will have to go!

Instead, when you notify everyone of the funeral or memorial service, make sure that you inform them to wear white instead of black. Inform them that this will be a service to remember the good times rather than weep about the terrible loss. Tell everyone to think of their fondest memory, write it down and share with everyone if they please. When sharing happy or funny stories, it will give others that much more insight into the life of that person and why they were so loved.

As for the flowers, ask your florist for a golden theme instead You could have some flowers spray painted gold and added to a bunch of white blooms. Alternatively, you could stick with the white flowers and add gold accessories to the arrangements. Remember, if you want the golden theme to really stand out, you will need to add plenty of these gold accessories!

You can also have your florist make up a floral frame of gold painted flowers and set your loved one’s photo in the middle. If the casket will be at the service, you can set a gold and white casket spray on top of it. Many people love the saying ‘Stay Golden’ and you could have these words printed in the programme and in other areas of the service venue. The most important thing to remember is that this service will give many people the closure they need so make sure that it is as memorable as your loved one’s life.