Floral accessory ideas and tips for that finishing touch

When arranging a bouquet of blooms, it is important to make sure that you don’t only focus on the flowers. There are plenty of excellent ways in which you can make a bouquet extra special buy simply adding the right accessories. If you have no idea where to begin, here are some excellent floral accessory ideas that will make all of your design dreams come true!

Gift wrapped bouquets

If you want to make a handheld bouquet, you can dress it up with pretty gift wrapping. Many times, this is the only floral accessory you will need. You will need to select paper in the right colour or colours to complement the bouquet itself. The inner lining should be made from colourful tissue paper while the exterior can be transparent or lightly coloured plastic (cellophane). Finishing it all off with a pretty bow and you’re all set.

Beads and wires

If you want to give your bouquet some sparkle, you should consider adding some beaded wires. Just like gift wrapping, you should select the right colours for your bouquet. Some beads are shiny while others are matte so you need to decide if you want to add texture or texture and sparkle.

Fabulous feathers

If you want to add some kind of visual movement to your arrangement, you should consider feathers as your floral accessory of choice. Ostrich feathers are particularly beautiful for larger arrangements because they are big, full of texture and you can buy them in different colours. You don’t need a lot of them to make a big difference.


The right vase is so important no matter the type of bouquet you choose to display. It is easily the most important floral accessory of all because it will hold your arrangement, keep your blooms hydrated and help define the theme of the display. Make sure that the vase you choose is tall enough for the stems and wide enough so that you don’t have to force them all inside.

These are some of the most popular and versatile floral accessory ideas that anyone can use to spruce up their arrangements. Whether you are planning on decorating your own home, office or pampering a loved one, these accessories will make all the difference.