Floral accessories for an autumn bouquet

If you want to create a beautiful autumn bouquet, it’s important to consider all aspects of the design. This means that you should choose your flowers, foliage and floral accessories with care and attention to detail. Even if you are new to creating your own arrangements, all you need to do is follow these tips.

Flower selection

Before you begin choosing floral accessories, you will need to choose the flowers for your arrangement. You should choose colours that suit this season. Some of the top choices include yellow, red, orange, plum and off-white. Dark green leaves will also help emphasize the autumn theme.

Contrasting textures

Not only is it important to include the appropriate colours, but you should also consider including various elements that add a variety of texture. Floral accessories like berries and sticks can help create the perfect contrast when paired with various blooms.

Natural accessories

Pine cones also make great floral accessories. They can be attached to sticks and slipped in between your blooms. Remember to use smaller pine cones rather than larger ones since the bigger ones may look out of place. Feathers are also great for adding texture and they can be dyed any colour you wish as long as they are white or bleached before they are coloured.

Seasonal touch

Other seasonal floral accessories for autumn arrangements are mini pumpkins and gourds. They can be attached to strong sticks and added to the bouquet or you can simply arrange them around the base of the vase for that little something extra.

It’s good to remember that you are not obligated to use fresh or dried accessories. Plastic, wire and wooden floral accessories are excellent options to consider if you want something that will last and can even be reused.