Her first Mother’s Day

Mothering Sunday in the UK is not far away and, as with all important annual occasions, it’s important to plan ahead. While many people like to treat mum to a delicious breakfast or lunch at their favourite restaurant, a new mother might not be up for it.

There are two things to remember when it comes to honouring a new mother on Mother’s Day. Firstly, think about the baby. Newborns can be quite a handful and new mothers often take a bit of time to get into a routine and learn to interpret everything their baby needs. The second thing to keep in mind is that new mothers are usually exhausted which means that they might not have the energy to get all dressed up and presentable for the outside world. With this in mind, here are some great ideas that you can consider for her first Mother’s Day.


Rest and relaxation is everything a new mother wants and needs! Lack of sleep increases stress levels and the stress from the mother can be felt by the baby. So, not only are you helping mum by allowing her to relax for the day, but you are also helping your little one. How can you help her relax? Well, firstly you can take care of all the chores around the house so that she does not need to lift a finger. Secondly, you can handle as much of the baby care as possible. This means changing baby, feeding baby, and taking care of all baby’s needs. Encourage mum to sleep and keep her as relaxed as possible for the entire day.

Delicious meals

If you are planning on spending the day at home, you will need to plan your menu for the day. Think about all of her favourites and cook up a feast to get things started at breakfast time. Do the same for lunch and dinner with some delicious snacks in between as well. Remember to keep the foods as healthy as possible with plenty of nutritious value.

Shower her with gifts

It’s not uncommon for new mothers to feel more like robots than human beings. The lack of sleep and lack of self-care can really take its toll. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion for spoiling her and helping her feel like her old self. Some of the top gifts for Mother’s Day include pamper hampers with bath and body products, comfy slippers and robes, something sweet, and fresh flowers. Flowers are a great gift because they will make her feel special and they also help lift her spirits. Studies show that fresh flower deliveries have an instant positive effect on the mood. Exhaustion can have a negative effect on her emotions but flowers can help bring back that smile.

The most important thing of all is to keep her needs in mind on this day. If all she wants is to relax and watch movies all day, then so be it. If she suggests that you all go out for a walk or drive as a family, then go for it! Go ahead and make flexible plans but remember that, if she is in the mood for something else, you should always do whatever it takes to accommodate!