Easy flower votive display anyone can make

Flowers and candles look lovely together and they have been a popular combination for many years. Displaying flowers with candles can be used to decorate any event. From casual dinners and birthdays to more formal events like weddings, you can’t go wrong with a flower votive display. The best part of all is that these displays are really easy to make yourself!

All you will need is a selection of flowers, votive candles, tall glass vases that are large enough to hold one candle each, a ribbon to secure the flowers to the vases, and saucers or plates to hold the vases.

Start by taking your flower and measure the stem against the height of the vase. Trim the stem accordingly and make sure that the top of the petals reaches the brim of the vase. Now set the candle inside the vase before securing one flower to the front of the vase using a thin, decorative ribbon. Place the vase on a saucer and fill the saucer with fresh water. Make sure that the stem rests inside the water. This will help keep the flower fresh and prevent it from wilting within a few hours.

You can set a single arrangement on each table or you can create a kind of tablescape by using several arrangements together. Remember, you can mix it up by using vases and flowers of different sizes to create a wonderful height variation. You can also choose different colours or even a single colour but several different types of flowers. The whole point of using just one flower is to let the light from the candle illuminate the table and surroundings. Another important point to remember is that your saucers or plates will not be able to hold much water. The water will be absorbed by the flower and some of it is also bound to evaporate. This means that you need to check the water levels regularly and top them up as needed.