Giving your centrepieces more sparkle

There are some occasions that call for more sparkle and glitz than your average formal dinner. These events usually mean getting all dressed up and decorating accordingly. If you really want to impress your guess, you can take the décor a step further by making it shine!

Spray on glitter

Spray on glitter is available in a variety of colours and they are really easy to use. It’s a good idea to cover your work space with newspaper before you begin and, better still, try to work outdoors if possible. If you cannot work outdoors, then at least make sure that the room is properly ventilated and wear gloves and old clothing. Spray each flower or piece of foliage individually and, remember, you don’t need to spray all of them! More often than not, it’s the subtle accents that catch your attention the most.

Regular glitter

You can also use regular glitter if you prefer. Like the spray on variety, regular glitter is available in various colours. That said, the most popular is silver because it has a way of standing out more than the blue, red, green, or other varieties. That said, if you are displaying white flowers and lush, green foliage, then you could use green glitter on the flowers if you like. It really comes down to personal preference and the general décor and colour scheme.

Metallic twigs

Twigs and wire can also be used in flower arrangements. Not only do they add texture, but they can also add that bit of sparkle that you’re looking for. Simply spray your twigs in the metallic colour of your choice and let them dry before adding them to the bouquet. Alternatively, you can thread some shiny beads onto some wire and add it to the bouquet. Wire can be bent and molded as you wish so this is another advantage of the wire approach.

Metallic ribbon around the vase

You can also decorate the vase by wrapping it up in some metallic ribbon. Choose the colour according to your colour scheme of course. If you can’t seem to find something to your liking, you can decorate the interior of the vase with sparkling gem stones instead.


Shine a little bit of light on the bouquet to highlight the sparkling effects. LED lights are great for this very purpose. You can even get some really small waterproof ones that will light up the entire vase! They don’t get hot and many of them are battery operated so no need to worry about a power source.