Finding Mother’s Day flowers that last the longest

When you order or send flowers, no matter the occasion, it’s always important to choose just the right one. We all love eye catching arrangements and, of course, fresh flowers that will last as long as possible. There are few things more disappointing than receiving a flower delivery and having it wilt and perish just days later. So, before dashing off to your local florist, take some time to consider these points when choosing flowers for Mother’s Day.

Regardless of the type of flowers you select, in most cases, the way in which you handle them and treat them will determine how long they last. Being a professional, your florist should be able to provide you with several handy tips to help keep your bouquet looking great for longer. Trimming the stems, adding fresh water and the right amount of flower preserve are all important steps that should be taken as soon as your flowers arrive. Your florist will also agree that your flowers need to be kept away from heaters, air conditioners, fireplaces and fans. You should also keep in mind that breezes in your home can damage your flowers as can the rays of the sun.

Of course, if you choose the right types of flowers, you can enjoy an added advantage. Different flowers last for different amounts of time once they have been cut from the main plant. Some last as long as a couple of weeks but there are also some flowers that perish sooner regardless of how well you care for them. They simply have a shorter life expectancy.

For instance, tulips usually only last for about a week. This is largely due to the fact that their flowers are quite heavy and can easily weigh the stem down  They don’t take that long to begin to bend over. Tulips are also so delicate that they are not suitable for pressing. Due to their weight and delicate nature, it is important to take extra special care of them. Unlike many other types of flowers, tulips enjoy cold water rather than lukewarm water. This is because they are grown from bulbs and flowers from bulbs prefer cold water.

Carnations are extremely popular flowers for Mother’s Day. Not only are they traditionally associated with Mother’s Day but they are also one of the cheapest of all cut flowers and they naturally last long.  Carnations usually last for at least a week once cut and, if you take really good care of them, they can last for two weeks. While roses usually last for about 12 days, carnations last even longer!

If, however, you are looking for something really special, why not consider an elegant orchid? Orchids are famous for lasting longer than any other cut flowers and they are the picture of femininity and class. That said, not all orchids are made equal so do yourself a favour and do some research before you place your flower order.

Another great alternative for those who are looking for a gift that will last is a potted plant. Find a plant that isn’t too fussy and blooms regularly. When you give dear mum a potted plant, make sure that you research the plant’s needs and provide a list of care instructions. Every time the plant blooms, mum can enjoy the smell and sight of fresh flowers!