Filler flowers and foliage for your bouquet

When designing a fresh flower bouquet, you will need to consider several design aspects. One of which is the type of filler flowers and foliage you would like to use. While your focal blooms and mass flowers make up most of the arrangement, fillers are also just as important. They bring everything together nicely so that there is a beautiful flow and no gaps in between. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Tall bouquets

Tall arrangements require tall flowers and foliage with long stems too. Popular filler flowers and foliage for these arrangements include Queen Anne’s Lace, Copper Beech and Bush Honeysuckle. Some might say that Queen Anne’s Lace does not have a particularly pleasant scent. However, it more than makes up for this with its beauty. These filler blooms are also known for their amazing vase life so you don’t need to worry about them wilting anytime soon.

Handheld bouquets

If you want to make a handheld bouquet, you will need just the right blooms and filler flowers too. Some of the most popular choices for these arrangements include Bells of Ireland, flax, basil and cress. The latter three are excellent for filling up gaps in between and basil has a superb scent too. Cerinthe major lasts very long once cut from the plant and you may notice several colours on a single stem. Another interesting addition comes in the form of raspberry foliage. They too have an impressive vase life of over two weeks. Nigella pods can be found in different coluors and they can even be dried before they are added to arrangements.

For texture

If you are looking for filler flowers and foliage that will add texture to your display, you are in luck because there are a number of excellent options. Amaranth is known and loved for its velvet-like texture while other wonderful options include Dill, Cardoon, Panicum millaceum and Viloaceum. You can even add grains like rye, wheat, barley and oats to certain bouquets – depending on the season and theme.

Horizontal displays

When you want your arrangement to stretch out across the length of a table, you need foliage that will help you do just that. Sweet Pea vines are an excellent choice as well as certain types of ivy, grape vines and other vine plants. They are flexible and can be shaped just as you like.


Apart from all of the amazing choices listed above, there are also some tiny filler flowers, like baby’s breath, that work well in any type of arrangement. You can place larger clusters in tall arrangements, small sprigs in corsages and anything in between!