Festive foliage for Christmas bouquets

When arranging the perfect holiday bouquet, not only do you need to choose your blooms with care, but your festive foliage too. Just as different blooms help create different themes, so too will the foliage you choose play an important role. Here are some of the best options to consider this holiday season.

Festive fir

The type of festive foliage that you can find will largely depend on where you are located. Different plants and trees grow in different regions. Some of the top choices include pine, cedar and fir. The most popular choices of fir are Douglas fir, Silver fir and Noble fir. Make sure that you choose foliage that will suit the theme as well as the size of your arrangement. You do not want centrepieces to be too tall or they will make it difficult for your guests to see one another from across the table.

Other greenery

If you do not have access to fir or pine, you could always look around for alternatives. Pistacia makes a lovely addition to holiday bouquets. The leaves are lush but they are not too dense so you don’t have to worry about overcrowding your arrangement. This type of festive foliage is perfect as a backdrop for a bouquet and you can add it in between your blooms too.

Dried accessories

Festive foliage does not always need to be fresh. Twigs and sticks can also be an amazing addition to your holiday bouquet. You don’t even need to look far for them. All you need to do is take a walk in your garden or a nearby park and pick up any fallen sticks. In addition, you can add a flower pick or two with accessories like mini pine cones or cinnamon sticks for that Christmas touch.

These are some of the best options you will come across when choosing festive foliage for your bouquet. No matter which option you choose, make sure that the foliage compliments the blooms you have selected too. You might want to give your bouquet some extra height or you may want to extend the centrepiece outwards on either end of the arrangement and along the centre of your table. Different types of foliage serve different purposes so don’t be afraid to search for inspiration online before making your choice.