Wild flower arrangement design DIY

When the weather changes, we notice the days become longer and plants seem to come back to life. Now is when you will start to notice far more greenery as well as some beautiful blooms appear. Just taking a look around is enough to inspire anyone to want to create their very own wild flower arrangement. The good news is that, with these steps, you too can do so with ease.

What you need:

  • Foliage to suit your blooms

    A variety of wild flowers

  • A sharp pair of scissors

  • A suitable vase or a rubber band and ribbon


  • If you are lucky enough to have a field nearby, you could take a walk around early in the morning and pick some blooms for your wild flower arrangement.

  • When selecting your flowers, you should choose them at different stages of their lifespan. In other words, you can include some that are fully opened but mostly partially opened and some buds too.

  • Make sure that you gather some foliage while you’re at it. It will also help to choose flowers with stems that have some leaves on them too.

  • Place all of your flowers and foliage in some fresh water while you prepare your vase.

  • Trim each stem as you go and add them to your vase with water. While trimming the stems to the correct length, you can remove the lower leaves so that the leaves do not end up in the vase water.

  • If you prefer, you could tie the stems together with the rubber band, trim all of the stems to the same length and then conceal the rubber band with some string or ribbon.

  • Place your bouquet on display in a safe spot. This means that you should keep it away from direct sunlight, sources of heat and breezy areas.

Not only is this wild flower arrangement a wonderful addition to your own home, but it also makes a lovely gift for a friend or family member. If you are planning on presenting the bouquet to somebody special, no matter the occasion, don’t forget to include a card with a special message.