Make your own birthday bouquet

Of all the occasions throughout the year, birthdays are most often celebrated with fresh flowers. That said, you may not always find exactly what you want for this special occasion and getting creative becomes a necessity. When you want to create your own birthday bouquet, you won’t need too many supplies and you will soon learn that it’s also not nearly as difficult as you may have thought.

You need:

  • Flowers in various colours (carnations, roses, chrysanthemums, etc)

  • A gift box (cube-shaped)

  • Wrapping paper and ribbon

  • Colourful tissue paper

  • Floral foam and plastic base

  • Flower presere

  • Wood glue

  • Scissors

  • Balloon (optional)


  • When you choose the flowers, make sure that you select several bright colours to express the joy of this occasion. For example, each type of flower you choose can have a different colour or even two. If you don’t want to add foliage, you can always use green chrysanthemums instead.

  • Make sure that you have enough flowers to fill the arrangement and there should be no large gaps in between. It’s better to have extra flowers than too few. You could always enjoy any extra blooms yourself.

  • Dissolve the flower preserve in some water and then soak the floral foam until saturated. Place the floral foam on the plastic tray.

  • Cut the top off the gift box and decorate with some wrapping paper to make it look like a gift. You can use wood glue to secure the paper to the box and ribbon for that extra touch.

  • Place some tissue paper in the box with points sticking out just as you would when packaging a gift.

  • Place the plastic try and foam inside the box and then start arranging your flowers.

  • It’s often best to start working your way around the lower edge to ensure that the foam is not visible. Once you have completed the first layer, you can then continue to the next until you reach the top and centre of the arrangement.

  • Add a Happy Birthday balloon or another accessory like a flower pick if you like.