Festive flowers and plants for every home

Whether you like to go all out over the holidays or you prefer a more modest approach to your décor, you can be sure that there are plenty of beautiful festive flowers waiting for you at your favourite florist. Just like any other occasion, there are some blooms that are particularly popular around this time of year. Here are some of the top choices for Christmas that you should consider for your home and as gifts for your loved ones.


When we think of festive flowers and plants, the poinsettia will usually be one of, if not the first to come to mind. While they are available in other colours, red is the most popular for the festive season. These plants are known to thrive during the holiday period but they usually perish when spring arrives. This means that you can buy a fresh one each year. If you are planning on presenting somebody with a plant this year, they also make an excellent gift because they will last for the holidays but the recipient will not need to care for them permanently.

Christmas Cactus

If you are looking for unique festive flowers, you should look around for a Christmas Cactus. These plants are truly remarkable in that they bloom during the festive season. While most plants are dormant during this time of the year, your cactus will produce small yet eye-catching flowers to brighten up any room.


The Amaryllis makes a wonderful potted plant gift but can also be added to cut flower arrangements. The stems are long and their blooms are large which will certainly ensure that they will grab any visitor’s attention. Like most plants, they are available in several colours but, for the holidays, red is the top choice.


This might not seem like an obvious choice when shopping for festive flowers but rosemary has become increasingly popular in households around the world. This plant is associated with good luck and the scent is particularly soothing.

Christmas trees

Not only will your florist offer a range of festive flowers and pretty potted plants, but they will also have some small potted Christmas trees available. These are amazing gifts for those who have smaller homes and not much space for a full-sized tree. The plant tends to grow slowly enough that they can enjoy if for several years before they will need to consider planting in their garden. The recipient can even choose to give the plant to a friend or loved one with more garden space if they are unable to keep it themselves.

These are some of the best options to keep in mind when you shop for festive flowers and plants. Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, you can be sure that the right bouquet or plant will certainly go a long way to creating an inviting atmosphere in the home.