How to take are of a kalanchoe plant

Of all the household plants out there, kalanchoes are one of the most popular. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are also very easy to care for. Just like any other plant, it’s important that you understand the needs of your kalanchoe.

Your kalanchoe needs plenty of light throughout the year. Bright indirect light is best during the warmer summer months or else the light can be too strong. If your kalanchoe starts to thin out, you should place it in a different spot with more light. The best soil for these plants is a well-draining mix for cacti and succulents. If you use another type of soil, you can add some perlite to improve the drainage of the soil.

Temperature is another top concern. These plants will do well in most normal household conditions. They should be kept away from drafts and in a moderate to warm temperatures. Remember, windows can get particularly cold during the winter so you should make sure that the plant is not touching the cold window.

One of the main reasons for these plants perishing is over-watering. You should let the soil dry out before you water again. When you do water, you should do so until the water runs all the way through and out the bottom of the pot and into the tray. Empty this drainage tray so that your plant is not sitting in water.

Fertilizer is important when your kalanchoe is in bloom. It should be fed every two weeks and you should always use a balanced organic fertilizer. As for the pot, they will do best in clay pots with drainage holes and a drainage tray. These plants are generally quite small and they don’t grow too quickly which means that they do not need to be re-potted too often.

During the summer, you can put your kalanchoe outside but you should make sure that it is sheltered from rain. In the winter, bring the plant back inside so that it does not perish in the cold. If you would like to grow more kalanchoes, you can do so by growing more plants from leaf or stem cuttings. If you keep your plant happy, it will produce wonderful flowers. The spent flowers should be removed from the plant and you can gently spray them with water or wipe them to remove dust.