Festive floral ball DIY design

If you are looking for a fun way of decorating your home this holiday season, you should try your hand at making your very own festive floral ball. You will need a few basic items and just a touch of patience. This design is not too time-consuming so you will have a fabulous Christmas design to spruce up your home.

You will need:

  • Floral foam in the shape of a ball. Usually one with a 20cm diameter is ideal for this type of display.

  • Fresh flowers or silk blooms of your choice (keep the festive season in mind)

  • Plastic tray to support your display.

  • Sharp knife and a pair of scissors

  • Holiday foliage

  • Festive accessories (optional)


  • In order to create a stable base for your festive floral arrangement, you will need to slice a piece off the one side to create a flat base.

  • Next, you should soak your floral foam in some water to ensure that your flowers have sufficient hydration. You can skip this step if you are using silk flowers.

  • Trim your flowers and foliage to a reasonable length. You want the stems to be long enough to offer support but not so long that they will obstruct one another.

  • Now, place the floral ball on the plastic tray. This will protect your table from the water as well as any stains from the green floral foam.

  • Start inserting the stems of the foliage in the foam around the very base of the arrangement.

  • Next, add some of your flowers with foliage in between. Make sure that you alternate between different flowers and colours as you work your way around the ball.

  • Continue adding flowers and foliage layer by layer until you get to the top of the ball.

  • Once the foam is properly concealed, you can consider adding some accessories. They do not need to be Christmas ornaments. You can add items like berries, for example. They will add colour and texture to your centrepiece.

Once you have have created your beautiful festive floral ball, it’s time to set it on a table where it will get lots of attention. Take note of the condition of your bouquet and you might need to add water to the foam very carefully after several days. You can set the base of the arrangement in some water to allow it to soak up the water. You can also use something like a syringe to apply water in between your flowers.