Favourite flowers for the cooler autumn months

During the autumn season, the leaves start to fall and the world around us changes colour in the most amazing way. While many people think of autumn as the season during which plants and trees go into a state of dormancy, nature still has plenty to offer in terms of floral beauty. Here are some favourite flowers during this time of year.


When we think of sunflowers, we usually imagine summer with plenty of sun. However, these favourite flowers bloom throughout the autumn season too. Which is great news because they are perfect for brightening up any room on a not so bright day! They look fantastic all on their own and you only need a few stems in order to achieve a superb display.


Bright petals with a contrasting dark centre make these flowers highly attractive. These favourite flowers are available in various shades of red, pink, white and purple. They make excellent mass and filler flowers in autumn bouquets.


These favourite flowers are available in just about every colour you can imagine! There are even varieties that boast two colours in a single bloom! They are in full bloom during October and November which is why they are easy to find at your local florist during this time of year.


Many people think of orchids as exotic or tropical flowers but, as houseplants, they can thrive no matter the conditions outside. They are loved for the fact that they have such a long blooming season and, contrary to popular belief, they are not too fussy when it comes to how they are treated.


Available in pink, red and white, these favourite flowers are excellent as potted plants or you can grow them in your garden. As cut flowers, they do not last very long. However, if you have one in your garden, you can always add fresh stems to your bouquet to keep it looking great.


These blooms are beautiful as focal flowers and they can even stand alone, much like sunflowers. They are available in yellow, purple, orange, white and pink. They have a superb sweet scent and they are a popular choice for autumn weddings too.


Let’s not forget these favourite flowers! Asters are loved for their star shape and they are available in several shades of pink, purple, red and white. They represent love, faith and wisdom. They make a lovely addition to wedding decorations too.

Along with these favourite flowers for autumn, your florist will most likely also stock some essentials like roses and carnations. Even though they are not in season at the moment, these blooms are considered staples to many florists around the world. This makes it easier than ever to create stunning autumn bouquets that are both rich in colour and texture.