Fairy garden craft you can make yourself

If you have a broken flower pot and you don’t know what to do with it, you’ll love these fun fairy garden ideas! It’s quick, easy, and certainly unique too. This idea is really flexible in terms of creativity. You can let your ideas and imagination run wild by adding all kinds of fun accessories.

What you need:

  • A ceramic pot with tray
  • Plants and moss
  • Potting soil
  • Cardboard or polystyrene (for stabilising the pot when you break it)
  • Suitable adhesive for clay or some sculpting clay
  • Hammer
  • Accessories for your fairy garden


  • The first step to making your fairy garden involves breaking your clay pot with a hammer. Choose the right size pot to suit the size of your accessories (chairs, tables, etc)
  • A good tip to remember is to stuff the pot with cardboard before smashing it since this will only cause the one side of the pot to crack and break while protecting the other side.
  • Place some pieces of the broken clay pot upright inside the broken pot. You can use glue to hold them in place. Arrange them in a spiral shape to create a pathway.
  • Fill the sections between the pieces with soil. The soil should be a bit damp so that it is easily compacted.
  • Place broken bits of the pot to create steps that lead up from the bottom of the pot towards the top.
  • Add plants so the spaces on either side of the pathway. Succulents are ideal because they grow slowly.
  • Add moss in between to bring it all together.
  • Add accessories in between to bring this garden to life and add colour.
  • You can include some fairy lights too so that your garden has soft lighting and you can enjoy this display day and night.

Not only are these fairy garden crafts fun, you’ll love making them for adults and kids alike! Children have wonderful imaginations and this garden will really come to life for them. It will also give them something to take care of which is great for their development.