Prepare to propose with flowers

Every year we see new proposal trends and fads. Which makes many people wonder just how they should go about popping the question. Even if you are almost 100% certain that your partner will say yes, it is still an emotional experience and one that should be properly planned. This is exactly why you should prepare to propose with flowers.

Public or Private

The first thing that you will need to do is decide whether you would like to propose in a public space or somewhere in private where there are no prying eyes or ears. This is a personal decision and there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Even when you propose with flowers, you can do so in private or in a public space.

Tradition or not

Some couples enjoy traditions while others couldn’t be bothered. One tradition that is held in high regard when it comes to proposing is asking your partner’s parents for their blessing before you pop the question. This is usually done privately without anyone else knowing. Remember, when you propose with flowers, this also means that you should arrive prepared with flowers and perhaps a bottle of wine when asking their parents! A bouquet will impress their mother and a bottle of wine for mum and dad will show that you are respectful of them and it’s a great way of putting the best foot forward. Remember, even if you are not one for traditions, if your partner is, then you should show them respect by asking their parents.

Don’t forget flowers

When you propose with flowers, you are taking this romantic moment to a whole new level. An impressive bouquet of red roses arranged by artisan florists will be one of the most memorable details when your partner retells the story. Remember, there is always a story! So, make sure that you choose the best bouquet to impress the socks of the one you love.

No matter how you choose to propose, remember how your partner feels. Always put their feelings first. If, for instance, they are extremely shy and they do not like it when the whole room has eyes on them, then a private proposal is best. Once you get the answer you’re hoping for, you can then plan an engagement party together and begin planning your big day!