Vibrant Tulip Flowers

The tulip is a native flower to central Asia and was introduced to Europe during the 1500s when it was imported there. During 1636 a scramble for tulips began called ‘tulip mania’. This is when the trading of tulip bulbs reached a new high. In today’s markets when a new product is released it might generate more sales in its first few weeks before eventually settling down to a more reasonable price. The Dutch were behind the tulips rise to fame and the price of bulbs rocketed until the bubble burst and the prices were no longer sustainable. It is known that at its highest price a tulip bulb cost the same as a wealthy merchant’s annual salary.

Tulips definitely do their ‘own thing’. They are constantly dancing around during the day trying to follow the sunlight. During the days there blooms open wide and at night tightly close up. They are a florists nightmare as when cut they continue to stretch out and grow in their vases.

It is a frustrating thing when you arrange your flower display to a perfect only to look at it the next day to find the tulips soaring ahead in their growth. They make the arrangement look untidy and that is one of the main reasons why people are put off tulips. Even if you place them on their own in a vase they droop over the sides when the become to big. Its like containing a wild animal. They are constantly stretching out for freedom.

If you are making an arrangement with a mixture of flowers including tulips try cutting the stems of the tulips shorter than you would with other flowers to allow for the stretch. If you have a bouquet of just tulips then try and place them in a larger vase than normal to allow for the stretching.

Even when cut tulips remain vibrant and very much alive. Too generally admire the tulips you must let them do there own thing, it is much more enjoyable to watch them grow than to keep them under control. Try unusually shaped vases to allow the tulips to stretch and grow and use the vase as a type of playground.

Tips for tulips:

  • Remove leaves that will be below the water level in the vase and make sure each stem is cut with a sharp knife, this will make sure the flowers can take the water easily.

  • If you want the tulips to remain straight then wrap them tightly with paper with the paper extending to the water level. Then place the flowers in a vase for a few hours and unwrap and arrange.

  • To have a long vase life tulips stems must be cut by an inch every two days. They are thirsty flowers so check water levels each day and make sure they are kept of direct sunlight and sources of heat.

Tulips are a brilliant gift to give to a friend whether male or female and a smile generally greets the receiving the bouquet. So give tulips to your friends and you will get a smile too.


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