Autumn centrepiece ideas for your home

If you want to make your dining room or living room extra colourful this season, you need the perfect autumn centrepiece! Autumn is a fantastic season and rich in colour. When it comes to centrepiece designs, it is important to remember that they should never be too tall. The last thing you want is to obstruct the line of sight between those at opposite ends of the table. So, with this in mind, here are some great ideas.

Pedestal vase design

A pedestal vase is fantastic because it lifts the arrangement off the table without creating a display that it too tall. For this autumn centrepiece, you want to allow foliage to somewhat drape over the side or at least be arranged on the brim of the vase. The flowers and foliage in the centre should be the tallest and you want a rounded effect. Let the stems cross one another in the vase so that they are all secured in place. You should rotate your vase regularly to ensure an even result since this display will be viewed from all angles. The best flowers to use in this autumn flower arrangement include roses, lilies or carnations. If you want to create a bouquet that consists of a single type of flower, you could opt for sunflowers.

Floral foam

This is another popular option for tables since it rests firmly on the table and there is no need to worry about it tipping over. To create this type of autumn centrepiece, you will need a plastic tray with floral foam soaked in water. It is best to work your way up from the bottom to ensure that the plastic tray is completely hidden by your foliage and flowers. Like the pedestal design, you can use a variety of roses, lilies and carnations. If you are not sure what type of foliage is best, eucalyptus is always a safe bet. You can even add a candle or two to your arrangement if you would like some gentle mood lighting at the table.

In a bowl

Bowls also make excellent holders for an autumn centrepiece. They are compact enough that you can create a small yet effective display. Like the pedestal arrangement, you should allow the stems to cross over one another in the vase so that they are properly supported. The flowers in the centre should be the tallest in order to give your arrangement a rounded look. With orange roses as your focal flowers, you can add contrast by including red carnations and a touch of white in the form of wax flowers.

The best part about an autumn centrepiece design is the fact that you can really play around with different flowers and colours. You want to keep the display warm by using yellows, reds and various shades of orange. Dark green foliage is ideal and, if you want that autumn harvest look, you can even add some wheat. Place a few miniature pumpkins around the base for that extra special touch.