Fabulous freesia flowers

Freesia flowers are part of the Iridaceae family and they are perennial flowering plants. They are grown from bulbs and they are known for their funnel-shaped blooms with what can be a potent perfume. While the original blooms are native to South Africa, there are a number of hybrid varieties that florists love to use today.

How to care for cut freesia flowers

The scent and beauty of these blooms is what makes them such an attractive addition to various types of bouquets. Each stem holds an impressive 8 upward-pointing flowers and you don’t have to worry about leaves overcrowding them either.

If you grow freesia in your garden and you wish to cut some for your living room or kitchen, it’s important to be prepared. The best time for picking flowers is early in the morning. They are well hydrated at this time thanks to the cooler night temperatures and morning dew. The stems are also firmer because they are full of nutrients. This means that your flowers will do very well indoors after they are picked. It also makes them easier to cut.

Make sure that you use a sharp, clean pair of scissors so that you don’t end up damaging the plant or flower stem. Your flowers need to be placed in water immediately so you should keep a bucket of water by your side so that they do not become dehydrated.

Arranging freesias

They are wonderfully flexible in the sense that they can be paired with a number of other blooms or even enjoyed all on their own. A bouquet of bright yellow freesias will look fantastic with just a touch of foliage. Roses are their most popular companion but carnations also look lovely. Consider mixing up your colours too. In other words, if you are using bright yellow freesias, you might want to add purple or white roses so that the bouquet has some colour contrast.

Freesia flower meaning

Just like other types of flowers, freesias have their very own meaning. They are said to represent friendship as well as trust, thoughtfulness and innocence. They are associated with the seventh wedding anniversary and they also make lovely gifts for friends and loved ones alike.

Freesias are also popular as wedding flowers because of their bold appearance. Their divine scent adds a definite touch of romance to the air and the happy couple will always associate this smell with their special day.

Whether you want to pamper a loved one or treat yourself to some floral beauty, freesias are always a welcomed sight. They are a superb addition to any home and offices too. Decorate your reception area and make your clients feel that much more welcome.