Birthday cake-themed flower arrangement

If you want to make a decorative birthday cake, you’ll love this flower birthday cake design! All you need is a few supplies and a little bit of imagination. One thing to remember when creating your design is the recipient. Think about what they like when it comes to fresh flowers and colours. This will help you choose the best blooms for the job.

You need:

  • A variety of fresh flowers (carnations, chrysanthemums, and roses are great ideas)
  • Floral foam
  • A decorative plate
  • Candles


  • Start by cutting your floral foam to the right size and shape so that it will form the base of your cake design.
  • Now select the different colours of your flowers. You want them to work well together and possibly even create a lovely contrast. You will need to use one type of flower for the centre, one for the border of the top of the flower cake and one or two types of flowers for the sides.You can even add a single focal flower in the middle of the cake for extra effect.
  • Soak your foam in water and place it on your decorative plate.
  • Start by creating the border of the top of the cake. Bright pink carnations are great for this since they are bright and have plenty of texture.
  • Now fill the top of the cake with smaller, somewhat flatter flowers.These flowers should not have visible discs in the middle. In other words, you should not use flowers like daisies. Small chrysanthemums or mini carnations are better options.
  • Now you can cover the sides of the cake with another flower. Dark pink chrysanthemums are a great option if you are using pink carnations around the rim. They will create the perfect contrast and they have excellent texture.
  • Place a focal flower, like a rose, in the middle of your cake and then add some candles here and there.