Elegant décor for an elegant evening

If you are planning an unusual party or dinner, you want to make sure that you choose the right decorations for the event. The type of décor you use for a children’s party will be very different from the decorations you choose for a more elegant affair. Here are some ideas to consider if you are planning a more mature get together with a darker twist

Dried bouquets

Instead of displaying fresh flowers, choose dried bouquets as part of your elegant décor. This means that you will need to plan ahead in order to create such bouquets. Fresh blooms can be dried in a number of ways. The most popular of which is the air dry method. If you are in a hurry, you can use the silica and microwave technique.


Candles will give your elegant décor some much-needed height. You can use black or white candles to light up your table. Make sure that your candlestick holders suit the theme as well. Black cast iron holders are an excellent choice.


You don’t want to start pumpkin carving but you can always display small pumpkins and gourds on your table. Spray paint them copper or gold to give them a true ornamental look.

Subtle additions

Apart from adding elegant décor to your dinner table, you can also spruce up other parts of your home. A stylish wreath on your front door, a decorative black crow set on a bookshelf and even a skull resting in a corner will all help underline the darker theme.

These are just a few excellent ideas to keep in mind when planning elegant décor that your guests will love. You don’t have to go to the extreme of hanging fake cobwebs and investing in special lighting. These subtle decorations will more than do the trick.