Early Spider Orchid Spotted in Jersey

The Early Spider Orchid has been seen in Jersey for the first time since 1929. It was discovered in St Ouen by some school children doing a project for the National Trust nature club.

The Early Spider Orchid is extremely rare and is most commonly found in the south of England. It is called the Early Spider Orchid because of the dark colours of the flower which makes it look like a spider.

National Trust Rangers discovered the flowers whilst on a ramble with some school children during half term. They immediately spotted the dark colours of the flower in the dune grassland near to the beach.

Sally Dallman, a spokeswoman for the National Trust, said the flowers were very hard to grow and viewed the discovery as exciting.

Ms Dallman said to see an Early Spider Orchid appearing of its own accord was incredibly rare. She said she phoned her botanist friend who was shopping at the time right away. She says, “When I described the flower she dropped the shopping and was here within 10 minutes”.