DIY Mother’s Day gifts from toddler and dad

It’s no secret that mum is normally the one who will spend time doing arts and crafts with the kids. However, at least for this occasion, it’s time for dad to take the wheel and help the kids in the creative department. Here are some great DIY Mother’s Day gifts that dad can make with the kids.

Paper flowers

While fresh flowers are a lovely gift for mum, they are not something that you child can buy or make. They can, however, make paper flowers. Paper blooms make excellent DIY Mother’s Day gifts. There are several ways of making flowers using paper. For younger children, you can help them cut out daisy-like shapes using plain white or colourful paper. They can decorate the flowers and you can even paste a photo of their face in the middle. Attach a stem in the form of some floral wide, a pipe cleaner or kebab stick painted green. Another idea is to use crepe paper to make full and fabulous flowers in all the colours you like.

Decorate mason jars

Your kids can even get creative decorating a mason jar or two for mum. These DIY Mother’s Day gifts are great for mum to use anywhere in the house. She can even use it to display some handmade paper flowers! Provide your child with decorative accessories like beads, stickers and even photos that they can attach to the jar that will make it a memorable piece.

Flower clay pendants

If you have some extra time to spare, you can make mum a special clay pendant. You will need to cut a flower, heart or any shape you like. You can then let your child press their finger or thumb to create a print in the middle. If you want to make a pendant, you need to make a small hole for a string in the top. Now allow the clay to harden before letting your child paint the pendant. Once dry and ready, you can secure it to a black string necklace so that mum can wear it. These DIY Mother’s Day gifts are perfect for mothers who love to carry their children with them everywhere.

Paint pots for plants

If mum has plants or loves plants, she will appreciate decorated pots in which to keep them. Ceramic or terracotta pots can be decorated in the most interesting and colourful ways. One idea is to have your child place their hands in some colourful paint and press them on the pot.

Now that you have a few excellent ideas for DIY Mother’s Day gifts, it’s time to get started! Prepare your work area and get ready for messy fun. Just do your best to keep this gift a secret so that mum is really surprised!