Different flowers to help you say sorry

When you want to say that you are sorry, it’s not necessarily only about appologizing for something you said or did. There are a number of other moments that call for flowers that say you are sorry. Another important point is that different types of flowers also send different messages which will influence your choice.

If you want to bid a co-worker farewell and wish them all the best for the future, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of bright flowers. Consider a bunch of yellow flowers like lilies. These beautifully elegant flowers are perfect for any recipient and they will show the recipient how much they were appreciated and will be missed.

When you want to let a loved one know that you’re sorry to hear that they aren’t well, flowers are also a great gift. Again, a cheerful bunch is just what you need. A colourful bunch of fresh flowers is excellent for brightening up their room and boost their mood. A positive mood is perfect for helping the healing process along so don’t underestimate the powerful effect of a fresh bunch!

Sympathy flowers are also an expression of your sorry for somebody’s loss and, in this case, you might prefer something on the elegant side. White flowers with some foliage are the most popular choice and they are usually presented in a modest or elegant vase. In some cases, people prefer to send colourful bouquets. These, more colourful, bunches are a good choice if the grieving family needs to have their spirits lifted. Brighter colours will brighten the room and, provided you include a sincere message, you can be sure that they will be appreciated.

Now for the obvious floral apology – when you make a mistake, forget a birthday, anniversary, or upset somebody in any way, you need fresh flowers! The type of flowers you choose will depend on your relationship with the recipient. Red roses and other romantic flowers are great for your spouse or partner whereas mixed bouquets or yellow flowers are perfect for friends and family members.