Black rose meanings and history

When it comes to fresh flower colours, shades of red, yellow, pink and orange usually come to mind. Black is not normally a colour we would associate with blooms. However, the black rose has become quite the popular choice for many occasions. Here are some interesting facts about these blooms as well as their history.

Their interesting history

We can trace back the history of the black rose to Ancient Rome and Greece. This flower was a symbol of strength and power. During the Victorian Era, this particular colour rose became increasingly popular and it was not long before it became the symbol of resistance for anarchist groups.

Cultural significance

We can see the black rose in various cultural aspects of our lives. From music and film to video games and everything in between. This particular flower has become synonymous with death, sorrow and even revenge. They can also signify a deep connection between anti-heroes such as dark souls or vampires portrayed in our favourite stories. While they have a somewhat darker meaning, these blooms are also considered elegant and sophisticated. They are often used as part of corsages and even used as hair accessories.

More interesting symbolism

The colour black is sometimes associated with death but it can also signify a new beginning. Every new beginning comes from another end. Which is why the black rose is associated with rebirth and a major change.

If you are wondering when it would be appropriate to send a black rose bouquet, you will be pleasantly surprised. You can send this type of bouquet for elegant occasions or present them to the host of a formal event. Another great time for these blooms is when you are hosting a spooky party like one with a Halloween theme. Pair them with orange blooms and accessories as well as a splash of white here and there.