Decorating a vase for autumn flowers

Part of creating the perfect floral display is choosing just the right vase. The right vase can bring all the colours and textures of your bouquet together. The wrong vase can do the exact opposite. When decorating a vase for your autumn bouquet, here are a few points to keep in mind:


Colour is the most important factor when it comes to decorating your vase. If you want it to suit a particular theme or colour scheme, it’s important that you choose the colour or colours wisely. Earthy tones are best since they are in line with the season and they won’t outshine the flowers themselves.


Decoupage is a wonderful way of decorating a wide number of objects, including vases. You can use just about anything you like as long as they are flat. Cut out pictures of flowers and leaves or pressed flowers and leaves. Once you have covered the surface of your vase, you will need to apply the appropriate coating in order to fix your d├ęcor in place. If you want to personalise your vase, you could even add a photo here and there in between your autumn design.

Vase fillers

If you would rather use a clear glass vase, then vase fillers might be in order. You can use a double vase and insert one inside the other. Allow enough space in between the two vases so that you can fill the gap with filler items like lemon and orange slices, small nuts, wheat, or anything else that will suit the theme.


A tablescape is a design that places the flower display at the centre and accompanies it with various other decorative items to enhance the theme and appearance. Examples of items that are great for autumn tablescapes include candles, pumpkins, gourds, stems with berries, and wheat. Tablescapes are great for smaller tables as well as large tables. They can be as small or as large as need be and, by using a tablescape design, you can minimize your decorating expenses. Instead of lining the entire table with flowers, you can one main flower bouquet and other accessories to keep costs as low as possible.