Decorate your office space for the holidays

The holiday season is almost upon us and it’s the perfect time to plan your décor. Apart from decorating your home, you can take it a step further and give your office that festive touch. Considering how many hours you spend at work, holiday décor is great for boosting your mood.

The first thing to remember is to always be considerate. If you have your own office, then you can pretty much decorate as you please. If you share an office with other staff members, you should have a mini meeting in order to establish guidelines. If anyone is not partcularly comfortable with a particular type of flowers or plant due to allergies, their co-workers should be considerate of these needs and preferences.

For those who work in cubicles, decorating for the festive season might be a bit tricky. You can only make use of the space within your cubicle.Your décor should never overflow to the cubicles surrounding your own. Unless, of course, you and your co-workers agree on how to decorate all the cubicles as a whole. For example, they might like to run lights or tinsel along the top of all the cubicles and this is great if everyone agrees.

When decorating with flowers or plants, you should always make sure that you choose the right colours and types of flowers. For example, traditional festive colours include red, green, and white. Poinsettias as popular Christmas plants. As for a fresh bouquet, you can display deep red roses along with smaller white filler flowers and dark green foliage. Red and white roses with green foliage also look lovely. Consider using two or three different types of red along with green. Included in this bouquet you could add berries or even artificial mistletoe on a pick.

Mistletoe and Holly are both traditionally displayed over the holidays. They are, however, not all that safe. If you are worried about exposure to the toxic elements of these plants you could opt for those of the artificial variety. Some cheap options look partcularly fake but there are high-quality products that look like the real thing.

Finally, don’t forget that less is more. The smaller your office space, the less you will need to give it that festive feel. You still need to maintain a consistent level of productivity and your decorations must never make it difficult to do your job.