Cut flowers are affected by the temperature

When you bring a bouquet of cut flowers into your home, you should keep in mind that there are a number of factors that will influence its vase life. These include just how well they are conditioned before being placed in the vase, the use of flower preserve and how well the bouquet is cared for on a daily basis. In addition, they can be affected by the temperature in which they are stored or displayed.

Warmer conditions

During the warmer summer months, it is always best to buy flowers that are in season. This is because they grow when the weather is warmer. This means that it will not be a shock when they are moved from the cool refrigerated area at your local florist to your living room. Of course, it should be said that, even if a particular plant enjoy some direct sunlight, you should never display cut blooms in the sun. Once they are cut from the stem, flowers are more prone to wilting due to dehydration and heat. This is why it is so important to keep them in clean water and out of the sun. Of course, if you want to dry out your flowers, you can always hang them upside down in a room where the temperature is moderate to somewhat warm.

Colder temperatures

While many people might think that cut flowers love the cold, it’s not necessarily the case if you chill them too much. For example, you do not want your blooms to get so cold that they freeze. Remember, there is moisture inside the petals, stems and leaves. When they get very cold, the water particles can freeze and, when they thaw out at regular room temperature, the flower will soon start to wilt. When you display your bouquet, make sure that you place it in an area with a moderate temperature. Do not place your flowers too close to a window. If the flowers come in physical contact with the cold window, it can cause the flowers to perish.

Water temperature

Not only is the air temperature important but so too is the temperature of the water you place them in. Most flowers enjoy room temperature to slightly warmer water. However, cut flowers that are grown from bulbs (such as tulips) prefer very cold water.

When caring for your bouquet of cut flowers, you should also make sure that you monitor each stem. As soon as you notice them wilting, remove them from the vase. Perishing flowers release a gas that causes other healthy plant material to perish prematurely.