Corporate flowers to spruce up your office space

When you stop to think about just how much time you spend at work, it’s no wonder we need to make this space as pleasant and inviting as possible. Nobody wants to spend so many hours surrounded by nothing but drab walls void of colour. The good news is that corporate flowers can help you spruce up your work space and create a far more productive work environment. Here are some important points to consider.

Floral needs for your office

Many companies choose flower subscriptions to keep their offices beautifully decorated without having to place regular orders. Apart from proving convenient, these subscriptions are an excellent way of helping businesses save money. The longer your subscription, the more you will save in the end. When selecting corporate flowers, remember that you should take note of the colour scheme and design of your work space. You can also communicate this with your florist to help them create the best designs for you every time.

Decorate your reception area

If you regularly receive customers or business associates, it is important that you make the right first impression. Not only should your reception area be clean, but it should also be welcoming and make visitors want to come back. Corporate flowers can help you create a professional yet intimate setting to impress your guests.

Your office space

Offices are usually smaller than open reception areas. Of course, many managers, directors and other staff members will invite customers to their private office for discussing important matters. This is why it is important to ensure that your office is also warm and inviting to everyone. Add a bouquet of corporate flowers that will suit the size of the space you have available. An oversized bouquet will make your office feel crowded. Instead, you can display a modest arrangement to add colour without taking up too much space.

When shopping for corporate flowers, remember that cut stems are not your only option. If you want something that will last even longer, you should consider potted plants. Even if your office doesn’t receive much sunlight and you don’t have time to tend to them daily, there are some hardy varieties. Succulents, for example, will look amazing and they don’t need much care.