Contactless flower delivery for all occasions

Given the current circumstances, many companies have added precautions and measures to protect employees and customers. Contactless flower delivery is an excellent example of how we are all adapting to these needs. Find out more about how this approach is benefiting people around the world.

Open for business

The number one way in which contactless flower delivery options are helping people around the world is by allowing florists to remain open for business. Online flower shops employ a number of workers. From the employee who receives and processes the order to those creating the designs and packaging the bouquet for transport, each staff member plays an important role. Not to mention all the courier drivers who are responsible for getting flowers safely from the florist to each recipient. Keeping people working is important for businesses and shoppers alike.

Celebrate all occasions

Celebrate occasions like birthdays and anniversaries despite the fact that you are stuck at home. There is also the more sombre aspect of sympathy flowers and funeral flower arrangements. These are all occasions that call for fresh flowers and, thanks to contactless flower delivery, you can show your support during this time.

Boost morale

It has become fairly common knowledge that fresh flowers and plants have an amazing effect on our moods. When the bouquet is delivered, it instantly gives us that rush of positivity and this is something we could all use right now. Thanks to contactless flower delivery services, we can buy flowers for ourselves and send blooms to loved ones. A special flower delivery is the perfect surprise particularly for those living alone or the elderly in care facilities who are not permitted to receive visitors at the moment.

Limited exposure

Contactless flower delivery services limit the amount of exposure. This means that you do not need to go to the flower shop and interact with florists. You will not need to interact directly with your friend or loved one. Even the delivery person will keep a safe distance by following protocol for a contactless delivery.

While these are rather uncertain times, you can always rely on a contactless flower delivery to lift those spirits, help you celebrate a special occasion or send a message of support and condolences. Send flowers or plants to your loved ones and let them know that they are on your mind and in your heart.