Easter blooms your friends and family will love

Spoil your loved ones this year with beautiful Easter blooms that they will adore. If you don’t know which flowers are best for this occasion and time of year, here are some excellent ideas. You can choose a single type of flower or you could mix it up.


These are popular gifts for Easter. They are known and loved for their vibrant colours and their multi-coloured petals. They are the symbol of moderation, temperance and love. When looking for beautiful Easter blooms, keep these plants in mind.


These Easter blooms are associated with the arrival of new life and this is largely due to the fact that they come to life early in the spring season. Their bright yellow blooms make them an instant hit in any home.

Easter Cactus

You might not associate a cactus with Easter blooms but this plant is certainly different. They produce small yet extremely vibrant flowers. Another advantage is that these plants are very easy to care for. So you don’t need to worry about extra special care.

Easter Lily

These Easter blooms are known and loved for their sweet perfume as well a their trumpet-shaped flowers. They are associated with purity as well as the resurrection which makes them a truly thoughtful Easter gift.


When you think of the spring season, you can’t ignore the fact that daisies seem to be out in full force. The daisy family is one of the largest of all. These blooms range in size and they are available in various colours too. They make excellent Easter blooms since they are associated with purity, contentment and happiness.


You can’t create a list of Easter blooms without including the fragrant hyacinth. These flowers are bold in colour and in scent. They represent sincerity and they can be sent as cut flowers or as potted plants. The latter is usually preferred since it will give the recipient that much more joy.


These Easter blooms are impressive for so many reasons. From afar, they seem to be large blooms but, as you take a closer look, you will notice that they are, in fact, made up of several small flowers. These little flowers are clustered together on a single stem and they are available in various gorgeous shades.


Let’s not forget the bright and beautiful tulip! These are popular Easter blooms for several reasons. Not only because of their amazing colours, but also the fact that they bloom just in time for Easter celebrations.

When searching for Easter blooms to send to your loved ones, you have plenty of options. You can send a single type of flower or you can combine a few to create a diverse and rich bouquet. Ask your florist if you are not sure which bouquet will suit the recipient best.