Congratulations flowers for somebody special

When somebody you care about has managed to secure a new job, promotion, graduated, welcomed a new baby, moved into a new home or reached another similar milestone, you should send congratulations flowers. If you are not sure what types of flowers to send, here are some excellent ideas.

Bright colours

Celebrating any occasion means that you want your bouquet to express joy. Bright colours do a wonderful job in this regard. When you search for congratulations flowers online, you will notice that they are all filled with bright and vibrant colours. Red, yellow, orange and bright pink are all superb choices. You don’t have to choose a single colour either. You can use a colour wheel to help you choose the perfect colour combination.

Roses are an option

Roses make excellent congratulations flowers for all recipients. They are the most popular flower at local and online florists alike. They are cultivated on a large scale around the world which means that they are available even when they are not in season locally. Roses are available in various colours. If you are looking for a colour that is not available in nature (such as blue) you can always opt for dyed flowers.

Exotic blooms

If you are concerned that your rose bouquet will send the wrong message, you can always opt for an exotic bouquet instead. Exotic or tropical flowers are perfect if you want to impress the recipient. Their bright colours and the sheer size of these blooms are enough to make the recipient feel special. Orchids, Anthuriums and Proteas are all examples of exotic blooms that will always make suitable congratulations flowers.

Consider your relationship

Just like any other occasion, when sending congratulations flowers, you need to consider the relationship you have with the recipient. The more intimate the relationship, the more intimate your bouquet can be. If, for example, you want to congratulate your spouse, you can send red roses. It will not be a problem if the bouquet is seen as a romantic gesture. However, if you want to send wishes to a co-worker, you may not want to risk sending a bouquet that could be construed as romantic.

Remember, whenever ordering congratulations flowers, you should always consider adding something extra to your flower order. Optional extras include luxury chocolates, colourful balloons, a bottle of wine or champagne and so on. Ask your florist about these extras and add them to your online order before proceeding to the checkout.