New baby flowers for a warm welcome

The arrival of a new baby is a happy and exciting moment for the parents, their family and friends alike. With so much excitement, it’s important that you make the right choice when it comes to a gift for baby and the new parents. New baby flowers and hampers are excellent ideas for everyone!

Flower colours

When choosing new baby flowers, you will need to select from a variety of colours. Pink is often associated with girls while blue is for boys. Of course, there are also neutral options like yellow and white. If you are ever in doubt, mixed flower arrangements are always a safe bet.

Extra gifts

When placing your order for new baby flowers, you should also find out if you can include something extra with the delivery. Some of the gifts you may like to include are chocolates, balloons and even a cuddly teddy bear. Your florist should include a card in which you can include your very own personal message.

Potted plant

While new baby flowers are a lovely gift, you may want something that will last longer than a bouquet. If this is the case, you should consider sending a potted plant. Plants are available in various shapes and sizes. You will also notice that different plants have different care needs. If you want a plant that will not require too much care, you should choose a succulent.

Something for everyone

Apart from fresh blooms, balloons and plants, you can also shop around for baby hampers online. These vary in size and each one will include different items. Some of these gifts will include baby clothing, blankets and there are those with useful items like baby’s first plate and cutlery set. If you want to make sure that you don’t leave mum and dad out, you can send some chocolates, a sweet hamper or anything the happy parents will enjoy. Pamper hampers are great for new mothers since they usually feel quite exhausted and they could use some special treatment.

Where to deliver

If you would like to send something special to the hospital, you can have he new baby flowers delivered along with a personal message card. Alternatively, you can wait for mum and baby to return home before arranging for the delivery to their door.

With all of these new baby flowers and gifts ideas, you can always find the perfect way of saying welcome to the world! Make sure that you take the time to write a truly personal message to the parents and the new arrival so that they can treasure it for years.