How to condition your carnations

Not only are carnations beautiful but they are also very reasonably priced and they are one of the longest lasting cut flowers that you will find at any florist. Carnations are available in a wide variety of colours which means that you will always find something perfect for any occasion. Of course, just like any fresh flower, we always do everything we can to preserve their life as long as possible. Not only does this ensure maximum enjoyment but also the best value for money at the end of the day. Fortunately, there are some easy steps that anyone can follow to condition their carnations and make them last.


Start by holding the partially closed carnation around the base of the flower. Gently squeeze the base of the flower bud between your thumb and index finger. Now, with your other hand, gently peel the green leaves down. Do not pull them away from the plant. Instead, pull them down in the direction of the stem. This will allow the flower to open up. Now use your fingers to gently fluff out the petals from the middle of the bloom. Be very gentle and don’t force the flower to open completely. Once you have encouraged it to open, it will continue to do so on its own. Now your carnation is ready to be displayed!


Once you have all of your flowers conditioned and ready to be enjoyed, it’s important to maintain them properly. This means that you need to follow the same rules that apply to any cut flowers. You will need to trim the stems at an angle, remove any lower leaves, add just a couple of inches of fresh water and floral food, and display your flowers in a safe place. Keep your carnations away from heaters, fireplaces, air conditioners, fans, or breezy areas. Change the water every couple of days and check the stems. If they feel slimy or look strange, trim them again. If you notice one of the flowers starting to wilt, remove it from the vase immediately or it will release certain chemicals that cause the other flowers to perish prematurely as well.