Common myths about Valentine’s Day

Like so many other occasions celebrated around the world, Valentine’s Day is associated with its fair share of myths. Red roses, cupid, chocolates are all representatives of this occasion but what about all the misconceptions making the rounds?

One of the most common misconceptions is that is fine to skip the celebrations altogether. Sure, some might think of Valentine’s Day as a commercial holiday, others prefer to use this opportunity to show their significant other just how much they love them. Of course this one day in the year does not determine the fate of your relationship but it’s tough to deny just how great it feels to be pampered with romantic gifts. Even if your partner or spouse says that they don’t enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day, this is often said as a way of giving you an “out”. Deep down, we all love receiving gifts and it’s not always about the price but rather the thought!

Another common misconception is that you have to celebrate on that one specific day – the 14th of February. You might be very busy at work or your plans might not suit your weekday schedule. Which is why you could arrange a fresh flower delivery on the day and present your partner with tickets to their favourite show, or hand them their spa date reservation card. You can enjoy a romantic dinner together on the evening but, if you want to plan a magical getaway for two, then celebrations might need to wait for a couple of days. If Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, you might be able to take an extra day off from work and enjoy a long weekend away for example.

One of the biggest myths is that men must send flowers to women. Times have changed and more and more women have become aware of just how much their men love flowers too! Now, you might want to avoid those feminine pastels but you can send a bouquet consisting of bold colours. Potted plants and chocolate bouquets are also great alternatives for men.

Finally, don’t let money determine the quality of your special day. As briefly mentioned previously, it’s not about how much you spend but rather how you spend your time together. If you are strapped for cash and you want to take your Valentine out for the night, you can present them with a single red rose instead of a dozen. This will help you save money which can be used towards that delicious dinner. Plan your day (or night) ahead of time so that you can enjoy yourself rather than worry about finances.