Coming Soon to Prestige Flowers: Orchids! Why do we Brits just adore these tropical beauties?

The team at Prestige Flower have begun searching for the perfect Orchid and will soon be adding the Phalaenopsis, AKA the Moth Orchid, to their new plant range ready for the summer 2012.

Orchids are in fact a tropical plant which likes the sun and the warmer temperatures. They have become the UK’s number one choice for house plants. Prestige flowers will be adding the Moth Orchid to their range purely because it is quite simply the most stunning flower from the Orchid selection. It large petal and intricate detail is quite simply gorgeous. They like to be watered once every 5 days and like their environment to be half sunny. The temperature they prefer are those between15 to 25 degrees. These really are a stunning plant however it is advised that they are not appropriate to eat, though off course that is where the vanilla pods come from.

However, it saddens us to think that so many do not live for very long, this is strange since they are no more hard work to look after than any other plant. The team at Prestige flowers chose this plant since it enjoys similar conditions to those which us Humans do, that way they will be sure to enjoy them for years to come.