Summer wedding flower tips

Summer is the perfect season for tying the knot. The weather is wonderfully warm and the chances of rain are slimmer than during the rest of the year. Of course, the warmer the weather, the more your flowers will have to endure. Here are some handy tips to help ensure that your summer wedding flowers are as perfect as can be.

Long-lasting flowers

The first important key to remember is to choose your flowers carefully. Even under ideal conditions, some types of flowers naturally last longer than others. Good examples of flowers that can withstand hotter weather include orchids, bird-of-paradise, tiger lilies, and even roses. Avoid delicate flowers or flowers that require plenty of water. They are more prone to wilting in the warm weather.

Tend to your flowers

Providing your flowers with the proper care before and even during the event will also have a significant effect on their appearance. Make sure that your flowers are delivered on the day so that they don’t spend too much time exposed to the heat. Your flowers should be kept in the proper refrigeration units before they are put on display. Each arrangement should have an ample water supply and, in between photos, you can ask your maid of honour to hold your bouquet in the shade. Spray with water to freshen them up every now and then.

Colour selection

Your choice of colours is also important when planning a summer wedding. Bright and colourful flowers are popular for this time of year. Good colours to consider include mango, hot pink, violet, magenta, and bright greens. For a particularly formal wedding, you are best off choosing darker tones like dark red or deep purple. More casual weddings are perfectly decorated with bright blooms like sunflowers. Of course, white is also popular for weddings throughout the year since it’s timeless and classic.

Centrepiece selection

Monochromatic flower arrangements are great for creating that sophisticated and formal theme. Tall vases are also great for this kind of wedding and the flowers, foliage, and other aspects of the arrangement can flow over the edge and down toward the table. A casual, outdoor wedding should also be decorated appropriately with something along the lines of wooden containers for your centrepieces. If you like, you can include a small potted flowering plant or succulent at each place setting. These can serve as keepsakes for your guests!