Christmas roses

Christmas is a special time of year and this is when friends and family gather for some meaningful time together and to exchange gifts. Despite the many changes that have occurred over the years, Christmas is still a very important holiday for many. We share and send gifts to let our loved ones know that we care. There are a number of popular gifts for Christmas but, if you are not sure what to buy, you can’t go wrong with fresh flowers or a potted plant. Some popular examples include Christmas bouquets and Poinsettias. Another great option is the hardy and beautiful Christmas rose.

The store of the Three Wise Men is well-known. They travelled for may miles following a star that guided them to the birth place of their Lord and Saviour. They each came prepared with a special gift and they travelled for miles just to present these gifts in person.

According to another legend, there wasa poor shepherdess named Madelon. The Wise Men were on their way to meet Jesus and present him with frankincense, gold, and myrrh when they saw Madelon. She was a poor lady and she was not able to afford an expensive or elaborate gift. So she searched and searched for flowers but, due to the weather conditions, flowers were scarce and she found none. She followed the Wise Men and watched as they presented their gifts to the newborn baby Christ. She felt extremely sad since she was not able to present the infant with a gift of her own. At this moment, an angel saw her and the sadness in her heart. The angel took pity on her and swept some snow away from her feet. As the shepherdess looked down, she saw the most perfect flowers she had ever seen. She picked them and rushed straight to the baby Jesus to present them to Him. Today, these flowers are known as the Christmas Rose.

Christmas Roses can be displayed in your home around this time of year. They bloom during this time of year and they are known for their amazing beauty. These flowers are the symbol of hope and love which is why they should be considered as a Christmas gift for your loved ones.