Christmas flower arrangement container options

If you receive a Christmas flower arrangement or if you order one for yourself, it’s important to make sure that they are displayed in just the right vase. The wrong vase can prove unsuitable for the type of flowers or the size of your bouquet. In addition the colour and design of the vase will also either help emphasize the beauty of the bouquet or it will distract attention from the focal point.

Shape and size

The size of your Christmas flower arrangement and the length of the stems will dictate the best type of vase you should use. The larger the bouquet, the larger the mouth of the vase needs to be and it should not have a narrow neck either. The longer the stems, the taller the vase needs to be too.

Clear glass vase

If you are looking for a vase that will always prove suitable, you can’t go wrong with a clear glass vase. Cylindrical vases are great for larger arrangements while bouquets with fewer stems can be placed in a vase with a narrower neck. If you have a bouquet with shorter stems, you can place them in a shorter vase like a fish bowl.

Ceramic vase options

If you would like a vase for your Christmas flower arrangement that does not show the stems, you can always opt for a ceramic vase. The best colours for this time of year are red, white or dark green. Dark green is particularly popular because it is the same colour as your stems so it will look especially natural. Another option, if you want something with a bit more sparkle, is to opt for a gold or silver vase. Gold pairs well with red bouquets while silver works better with a blue and white arrangement.

Unusual options

If you want to really make a statement with your Christmas flower arrangement and you opt for the most elegant of festive bouquets, you need an equally elegant vase. Black or charcoal vases are superb and they will certainly set your floral d├ęcor apart. You can also tie a fabric ribbon around the vase for a break in the dark colour.

Recycling household items

If you do not have a suitable vase for your Christmas flower arrangement, rest assured, there are plenty of alternatives around your home. Jars and cans are two excellent options. Even if these makeshift vases don’t look great, you can always cover them with some fabric or wrapping paper to give them that Christmas theme.

Remember, with the right Christmas flower arrangement, you can really set your display apart from any you have enjoyed in the past. If you are entertaining guests during the holidays, you can be sure that it will impress them too.