Flower colour meanings

Whether you love to spoil yourself with regular fresh flowers or you send flowers to loved ones for various occasions, it’s no secret that each colour is best suited for a different occasion. This is due to the fact that different colours have different meanings and the occasion will determine the message that is to be conveyed.



Blue flowers like the petals of a hydrangea or iris have a calming effect. They are known to represent peace, serenity, and a sense of openness. They are perfect for calming the nerves of the recipient and they are also popular additions to bouquets that welcome new baby boys.


This colour immediately makes you think of femininity but it also represents happiness and grace. This kind of bouquet will send a message of innocence and joy. Pink flowers are often sent to women for birthdays, Mother’s Day, and even to welcome a new baby girl into the world.


The colour purple has a historic association with royalty. For this reason, purple flowers represent pride, success, and dignity. They are often paired with bold coloured flowers to send a message of admiration or congratulations on an accomplishment.


Undoubtedly a colour representative of deep and passionate love. Red roses are most often sent for Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions. Other red flowers can also be sent if roses are not a suitable choice for whatever reason. Red carnations or tulips are both fine options.


The colour of purity, innocence, and humility – white flowers hold a kind of simple beauty. They are often sent to families grieving the loss of a loved one or even used as funeral flowers. They are both elegant and modest as well as a comfort to those in mourning.


This truly is a cheerful colour that will make anyone smile. Just imagine the beauty of the sunflower or the yellow rose and how it lights up any room. They are perfect for honouring a friend, for birthdays, and other happy occasions.


Like yellow, this warm colour is perfect for brightening up any room. When a family is suffering the loss of somebody they held dear, a brightly coloured bouquet of fresh orange flowers can be just what they need to keep their spirits up. It also sends a message of sincerity.


When we think of the colour green and fresh flowers, we often associate this colour with the foliage. Yet there are a number of green flowers, like carnations, and they can add both colour and texture to any bouquet. They are not normally displayed on their own but rather along with flowers of various colours. The colour green represents renewal and optimism.


Lavender is often thought of as a lighter shade of purple and it sends a more mature message of femininity. If you want your bouquet to represent elegance and grace, this is the colour you should most certainly choose!