Choosing the perfect Christmas bouquet accessories

Florists experience one of their busiest times during the festive season. This is because so many people choose to send flowers for Christmas. When choosing the perfect Christmas flowers, you will look for the right flowers and the right foliage. In addition, if the bouquet has the right accessories, it will underline this festive theme and make your bouquet even more colourful and beautiful.

When planning the kinds of accessories you’d like to include, you need to think about how you plan on fixing them in place. Bamboo sticks are great for this purpose since they are natural in appearance and strong enough to hold decorations.Examples of decorations that you can attach to bamboo sticks include pine cones, small Santas, and bells. You could even add some mistle toe or holly if you like. If you choose to add lights to your arrangement, make sure that you choose LED lights and they should be battery powered. The lights should be placed in such a way that they could not possibly fall in the water. If you are concerned about this, you can use lights to decorate around the outside of the vase.

Wreaths are also popular over the festive season and they can be hung on walls and doors. Just like your Christmas bouquets, wreaths can be spruced up with accessories. You will need to attach some floral wire to the accessories before attaching them to the wreath. If possible, buy green floral wire so that it blends in well with the foliage. Some popular accessories include mini apples (real or artificial), pine cones, ribbons, and cinnamon sticks.

When it comes to flower arrangements, one of the most noticeable accessories of all is the vase. You can make any vase festive by wrapping it up with some festive paper and a holiday themed ribbon. Once your flowers are no longer fresh, you can simply discard them and remove the wrapping paper. If you want to make a more permanent change to your vase, you can attach some Christmas decorations or printed Christmas pictures to an old vase. Wash with care so that you don’t damage the decorations.