Chelsea Flower show gold medallist designs Jubilee Flower Walk for Penshurst Place

Chelsea Flower show gold medallist George Carter has opened the Jubilee Flower Walk for Penshurst Place which he designed. The walk has been redesigned to be 236 foot (72 metres) high and will include the double herbaceous flower border. The design began over three years ago and the planting took place in the spring of 2011. The border was proudly opened by the president of the Royal Horticultural Society Elizabeth Banks.

George Carter was proud to open the walk which contains hundreds of different species of flowers. On opening the flower walk he said he was delighted to be given the opportunity to open the walk and he was honoured and privileged to be the person to take the flower walk through its last stages of design.

The Flower Show medallist specifically designed the flower border to have a different coloured theme to give the border a new lease of life and to bright the flowers gardens up.

The border was created in the 19th century and has become an integral part of the flower garden. It is replanted approximately once every ten years and is really popular with visitors of all ages. Design blueprints from 1945 show how much the border means to the public because it survived a new planting design because of its popularity.

The restoration of the flower gardens is being done by Philip Sidney, 2nd Viscount De L’Isle and his family who are the current owners of the flower gardens.