Southwark Festival of Flowers, a real bloom

A Festival of Flowers has just begun at Southwark Cathedral in London promote and raise money for The Leprosy Mission. The festival, running from the 23rd to the 26th of August, has a number of modern floral installations, made up of beautiful flowers from around the world.

Over 75 designers from the UK and Europe have contributed work to this event, led by Mig Kimpton, who previously won two gold medals at The Chelsea Flower Show. There will also be a series of mini-demonstrations by members of the design team held throughout the festival, a must see for budding florists.

The centrepiece of the display, created by Mr Kimpton, is a large eye, the “Eye of Wonder”, made of other a thousand glass balls, each containing a lone gerbera of every colour imaginable. The ‘movement’ of the eye will be simulated using theatrical lighting.

The main theme for the festival is transformation, both of the beautiful flowers used to create the displays, as well as the amazing work done by The Leprosy Mission to help those affected by the disease to turn their lives around. All proceeds from the event will go to Champa Vocational Training Centre in India, which helps young people affected by Leprosy to learn essential skills required to earn a living.