What you must see at the Chelsea Flower Show 2012

One of the biggest attractions set for this year’s show at the Chelsea Flower show is a garden motivated by Dorset’s Jurassic coast. If you have ever been to the beautiful coast lines in Dorset you will know exactly what to expect from this garden. There will be a stunning array of colours and a great array of unusual materials and flowers used to create this master piece. All of which has been designed by expert gardeners Alison Condie and Tony Heywood. They have fittingly named this marvel Glamourlands-A Techno Folly.

There has been much talk about this particular piece, it is vibrant, modern and down right wacky! As part of this exhibition there will be computer activities to demonstrate a new era of gardening. A lot of the plants have been covered in a plastic type material to show the living and preservation of the flowers. It is a visual metaphorical diversion away from the world  as we know it.

Heywood is definitely one of the UK’s most adventurous gardens. In previous year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, is took the Societies colour chart and made it up using hundreds of colourful flowers. He has said that his stunt for next years show in 2013 will be even bigger with ambitions to put technology, height and gardening together. What ever could this be? Prestige Flowers wishes the Show another successful year.